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what’s holding you back from making money online

You will find that it is the dream of many people to make money online, so why aren’t more people doing it. There are several reasons with some more obvious than others but one of the main ones is that many newcomers and experienced people alike are seduced by these sales letters that promise that you will be making thousands of dollars before breakfast without any effort whatsoever.

What usually happens is that people will go on and by whatever system is being promoted and find that it is not as easy as the sales letter makes it out to be which results in the person becoming disillusioned  and simply giving up.


Where would you like to be in six months time?

Have you ever sat down and thought what kind of financial position you would like to find yourself in six months time. I’m sure that you have but have you ever done anything about it. The vast majority of people would love to increase their income but for one reason or another they just carry on with what they are already doing and their income in six months time will be the same as it is now, if they’re lucky.


The six month challenge – are you ready for the internet marketing superclass?

The internet marketing superclass has finally launched and we are here to provide you with a six month challenge to creating your own business from scratch. If someone stole our business and we had to start again from scratch this is exactly what we would do.

In a moment or two we are going to ask you to dig deep into your pocket but for now read on….

Where are you with your Internet Business RIGHT NOW?

Have you moved on from where you were SIX MONTHS AGO?


I am Samantha Milner Who are you?

Hello guys and welcome to my new blog at The Internet Marketing SuperClass.

My name is Samantha Milner and I am a full time internet marketer based in the sunny skies of Southern Portugal. I have worked in internet marketing for quite a while now and love every moment of it. Especially since I quit my day job and enjoyed the freedom that self employment brings you.

I started my career in direct mail so this gave me the confidence that I needed when I started out online venturing from eBay to finally setting up my own profitable websites.