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Powerful Ways to get Weekend Traffic to your Blog

Most people who run a blog know that the best time to try to increase traffic to it is on the weekend. More people are at home surfing the net than are at work, so it makes sense. But how can you generate more traffic and get more hits? There are a couple of sure fire ways to attract more “hits” and move up the line on the search engine position.


Make Money Blogging

If I was given a choice to decide on one method that is the best way to earn an online income it would be a hard one but I would probably say, make money blogging. This method has so many variations to it, it is absolutely unbelievable.

You could make money blogging from only one blog which you posted to several times a week or you could make money blogging from a blog empire which could consist of tens or even hundreds of niche specific blogs which all advertise affiliate programs or even google adsense.