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Powerful Ways to get Weekend Traffic to your Blog

Most people who run a blog know that the best time to try to increase traffic to it is on the weekend. More people are at home surfing the net than are at work, so it makes sense. But how can you generate more traffic and get more hits? There are a couple of sure fire ways to attract more “hits” and move up the line on the search engine position.

Check Google to see what type of news stories are listing at the time. Then write a news article on one of those topics. Most people will be able to relate to at least one item on the list and should be able to write accordingly. Make sure that you find a way to quote your site in the article. By doing this you will have included a link between your website and the article.

The next part is going to cost you about $20, but it will be worth it. Go to and submit a web post of your written article. Your website will now be listed on Google News, one of the highest traffic sites around in around 10 minutes!

"Get weekend traffic to your blog"

Another way is to submit your blog or website to directories which will generate free traffic and also increase links back to your site. This in turn increases your search engine rank. A list of directories is readily available in the Internet, and while some may charge you, others are free.

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