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Self Discipline – have you got what it takes to work for yourself

Having enough self discipline is so important if you are considering working for yourself and especially if you are thinking about working for yourself online. The difference between the most successful internet marketers and the not so successful ones is that when the most successful ones make a decision to do something they don’t stop until that project is completed. When they plan a project there is no doubt in their minds that the project will be completed and completed on time.


Just because your school grades was bad doesn’t mean you wont be successful online

When looking for excuses for not being successful in an online business, lack of school grades is one of the old favourites, but the fact is that it does not really matter if you did well at school or not, you are still able to make a great success of your online business because the main skill that is required is just to get started.

It is often the case that someone will be classed as intelligent and have done really well at school, but unless they have the basic skill of getting started and not giving up at the first obstacle they will get nowhere in internet marketing and for that matter they won’t get very far in life either.