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Is outsourcing staff from Asia Exploitation

When talking about the subject of outsourcing it is often the case that someone will say that using staff from Asia is exploiting them. Well I’m sorry but I would have to disagree. It doesn’t matter if you are using outsources from anywhere in the world, if you are paying them a wage that they are happy with there is no problem whatsoever.

I remember speaking to a lady who I was outsourcing some work to in India and she was telling me that she was earning more money from me than her father was earning for working 12 hour days in a factory. She was working from home on her computer and she could fit the work around looking after her young family. I would hardly call that exploitation.


How to make money online for beginners

Here’s a simple way to make money online for beginners that you could start tomorrow. Firstly take a search on the internet forums on a niche of your choice. Stay away from the internet marketing forums for now, concentrate on any of the tens of thousands of other niches out there.

When you have made a decision on which niche to go for start checking the forums to see what questions keep coming up. Let’s say that you are on a gardening forum and a problem that keeps coming up is how to stop cats messing on your garden.


4 foundations of a successful online business

There are really 4 foundations for a successful online business and they are as follows.


Mindset is everything. As the old saying goes, ‘If you believe you can or if you believe you can’t, you are usually correct. When you start an online business you have to know that it will be successful. Don’t just go about it half heartedly because the results that you get if you do will show that you have not put much effort in. Don’t be tempted to give up when you come to an obstacle, which you will, just keep on going and give it your really best effort.