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Archive for August, 2010

Self Discipline – have you got what it takes to work for yourself

Having enough self discipline is so important if you are considering working for yourself and especially if you are thinking about working for yourself online. The difference between the most successful internet marketers and the not so successful ones is that when the most successful ones make a decision to do something they don’t stop until that project is completed. When they plan a project there is no doubt in their minds that the project will be completed and completed on time.


How to remain productive when you are having a bad day

Everyone has bad days but it is how you react to these bad days that will have a massive effect in determining how successful you will be in your internet business. When things are going wrong do you simply give up or do you push on and find a solution, it is worth looking at yourself and giving an honest answer and only you can do that.


How to make money teaching others how to make money

One of the most effective ways to make money online is to teach others how to be successful aswell. Many people let this method of making money completely pass them by but in doing this they are making a terrible mistake.

If you have perfected a way of making money online, it doesn’t matter if it is blogging, putting together your own products, etc, etc, as long as you have actually done it and are actually making money you will then have the opportunity to teach others how to do the same and to go on and charge them for it in a completely honest and ethical way.


How to avoid hype when you sell your products

It is easy to get carried away when promoting your products but you must be careful not to over hype them as this will give the wrong impression to your customers. Whilst you will no doubt be telling the truth there is a fine line between bigging something up, so to speak, and telling untruths about it.