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Bum Marketing

In this internet world, many of us have posed the question that is it a decent way to make some income through internet marketing? With the method of bum marketing this question has been answered as a positive. Bum marketing is one of the very rare occasions when you get some decent income without having an email list or owning a website.

However, you would ask how all of this is possible? How can you make money online without having a website to advertise some service or product? All of this is actually a very simple thing to do. All you have to do is become affiliated with another marketer’s website. It works like, you write an article on any topic you like, untargeted, and the article has a good marketing potential, you submit the article that you have written to popular article directories. These websites will also allow you to promote yourself by allowing you to place an author resource box or a signature at the end of the article so that you can place an affiliate to the specific product you are promoting.

"bum marketing"

After doing this all you have to do is wait. Just wait for the search engines to pick up your article and then you can sit back and relax and watch all the affiliate commissions entering your bank account. The higher your search engine will rank your article in the search results, the more number of visitors will click to watch your article, and this will translate to more clicks to your affiliate link which would mean more affiliate sales. However, you would have to be clever enough to decide when to write and promote the article for the affiliate product, and how to dominate every search term for the product as all this would mean more clicks for you.

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