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Using Twitter to build your business part 3

You probably know that one of the most effective ways to use Twitter to build your business is by directing your followers to another web page so that they can sign up to your mailing list.

There is another great way of promoting your business depending on what type of business you are promoting.

Let’s look at a situation where someone is promoting their restaurant through Twitter and they have built up several hundred followers and Tweet to them on a regular basis offering interesting advice and various recipes etc. They may find that just before they are opening for the evening they are especially quiet  and as it is a rainy evening there is not much chance that people will visit without a booking.

A solution to this problem would be to post a Tweet stating that if anyone visits the restaurant on that particular evening  will get a free bottle of wine or a discount on the meal. I can’t think of any other method that is able to reach such a large audience in such a short period of time. Don’t forget that this is a highly targeted audience and compare it with what the alternative would have been before Twitter, it would have had to be a case of hitting the telephone so as you can see there is no comparison.

This method applies to a variety of different businesses so it really is very adaptable and is only really limited by your imagination.

"Promoting your business on twitter"

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