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Using Twitter to build your business Part 1

A brilliant method for building your online business is by using Twitter. The way to start is to open a Twitter account for whatever niche you are involved with and start by following people who are in the same niche and you will find that many of them will in turn follow you back.

Before long you will find yourself with a large list of followers and the trick is to try and get these followers onto your mailing list. The way to do this is to put together a simple report and offer this report to your followers. Whatever you do don’t bombard your followers with offer after offer, you should really wait until you have gained their trust and only offer help and advice whenever possible.

As you will be giving your report away without charge this will again ensure that you are giving help and not trying to make a fast buck.

When these people download your report they will leave you their email address and as the very well known saying goes, The money is in the list.

You will then have the opportunity to build up a strong relationship with these people and many people get to such a stage where they can more or less make money on demand simply by mailing to their list, it really can be that responsive.

"Twitter to build your business"

This method can be carried out over a relatively short period of time and if you put your mind to it you can reach the position of having a large list before you know it.

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