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Top 10 Tips for making money online

Being asked for the top ten tips for making money online is a difficult task as there are so many tips that can make you money but hear goes.

1. Get used to keyword research and treat it as a fun activity. You can find some absolute crackers if you take your time and the correct selection can go along way to making you some good money.

2. Make sure that you write down your goals put them somewhere that you can see everyday. This will motivate you when the going gets tough.

3. Be prepared to learn the basics. It is not hard and you will be surprised how quickly you will pick it up.

4. Write an ebook. It is not difficult and you will be surprised how much you know when you sit down and start writing. I have seen people go from zero to several thousand dollars In the space of a couple of days when selling an ebook.

5. You don’t have to start with a great deal of money. Try starting out with a wordpress blog on your own domain name. For less than ten dollars you could be on your way.

6. Take a look at google adsense. Very easy to set up and completely free, Put adsense on your blog and make money whenever someone clicks on one of the advertisements.

7. Affiliate programs are something else that many astute marketers are making a fortune from and again, this is something that could be promoted through your blog.

8. When you have decided which route that you want to take, stick to it. Don’t keep chopping and changing because if you do that you won’t get anywhere.

9. Find a mentor who has already been there and done it. The information you will be able to pick up is priceless.

10. Last of all, ‘Just Do It’ . It is easy to read and read and dream and dream but the sooner you get started the better.

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