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The art of creating an automated income

Creating an automated income is really what every internet marketer should aspire to. When an automated income stream is set up and making good profits you really will be living the dream, so to speak, because it won’t matter one jot if you want to stay in bed for the day or take a couple of days out and spend them on the beach, you will still be making money.

There are many ways to create an automated income and it should be your aim to have as many of these automated income streams set up as possible. You could have your own ebook which is being sold 24 hours per day with out any intervention from yourself or you could have a number of websites that are advertising affiliate programmes or Google adsense.

You could have membership sites with the subscribers paying a  monthly fee or an automated Twitter account which will be working for you around the clock.

These automated income streams will free up your time so that you can get on with creating more ideas without having to worry about earning money on a day to day basis.

You may have to spend a couple of days a week to ensure that everything is ticking along nicely but the next step would be to outsource this task as well so you really are a living example of one of the nouveaux rich who are embracing the concept of the four hour working week.

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