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What Is Social Bookmarking?

Most of us have some time or the other encountered the term social bookmarking on the internet but most of us don’t really know what it actually is. Well, social bookmarking is the process of saving the bookmarks of sites (the links of these sites) that are found interesting or useful and the individual would like to visit again in future. These links are saved to social bookmarking sites like Stumbleupon or Digg and these sites will enable you to access these bookmarks from a computer connected to the internet anywhere in the world.


Pros and Cons to Internet Marketing

Internet marketing strategies are an invaluable means by which to draw more attention to your business. Whether you have a business that has a physical location that locals can visit or if it as an entirely internet based company, the implementation of the proper marketing strategy could vastly increase the interest in your business. The use of internet marketing does come with its pros and cons.


Internet Marketing Basics

Internet marketing, also referred to as online or digital marketing, is a means to promote your products or services over the World Wide Web. It is important to know that simply registering a domain and starting a website on the internet does not mean instant traffic to your site. Establishing a sound marketing campaign is crucial in developing a thriving business on the internet where competition is high.

What are the benefits of a sound internet-marketing plan? Establishing a domain for your business is only one-step in getting more interest drawn to your company. With the ability to access the web around the world, proper marketing of your site will allow you to obtain potential clientele from around the globe as well as locals.


How to Blog Comment Efficiently

Being the writer of a blog requires time, effort, and planning in order to effectively keep your posts current for your blog followers and readers. Another important part of being a blogger is commenting on the blogs of others. In order to save your time and energy when doing this there are a few steps or tips you should follow.

One key step is allocate a time, whether it is 30 minutes or an hour that is dedicated solely to commenting on blog commented and tick to that schedule. Do not get distracted with other things such as answering emails or fixing information on your own personal blog.


3 Ways to Make Testimonials Work Harder for You

Having a well-designed and put together website is not enough to garner the sales you want or to persuade people to complete some task, such as filling out a survey. Visitors to your blog are going to want to know they can trust you and what you want to sell them or what task you want them to complete. One way to gain their trust is using testimonials.

Once you have testimonials on your site, what is the best way to make them work harder for you? Try these three steps to make them work harder for you!