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Bum marketing – my super fast method

Just in case you are not aware, Bum Marketing involves writing articles and distributing them to the various article directories and in particular, and making sure that you have a link back to your website, blog or affiliate link in the resource box which you include with every article.

When someone goes to the article directory and chooses your article for their website they must keep the resource box with the article so what in effect happens is that you get numerous back links back to whatever it is that you are promoting.

Bum marketing has been proven to be a highly effective marketing method and it is not unusual to hear of people who are taking it seriously making a great amount of money.

Unfortunately many people find it very difficult to write one article after another but my super fast method simply involves a free piece of software called You simply copy and paste an existing article and the software breaks the article up into different sections and you simply rewrite each section in your own words.

By doing this it takes around 10 minutes to rewrite a 500 word article and I can assure you that it won’t take you long to write half a dozen to start off your bum marketing campaign.

Also make sure that the text that you write in the recourse box makes someone want to click on the link, make it a real call to action and before you know it you will be yet another highly successful Bum Marketer.

"Bum Marketing"

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